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Microsoft BI Developer Quality Assurance engineer



Software Engineering, Quality Assurance
Lagos, Nigeria
Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2024

Who We Are - About NewGlobe

NewGlobe is working with visionary governments around the world to dramatically improve the quality of basic education. Founded in 2007, we partner with governments to provide integrated school management, teacher professional development, instructional design innovation, technological system support, child-centered classroom practice, and parent engagement -- all grounded in learning science -- to ensure each teacher is empowered to engage children in transformational learning, Our data-driven approach has been validated by a Nobel-winning researcher and recognition by international leaders in Education. We imagine a world where all children can access an education that unlocks their full potential.

We need bright minds who want to be part of building a new globe -- a more equitable globe -- to join us. More information:

Technology Group

Technology plays a critical role enabling us to provide transformative education at massive scale in highly resource constrained environments. This is one of the key elements that gives us the ability to deliver radically impactful programmes, creating brighter futures for a generation of children across the world each day. Technology spans several key functions, including product management, business intelligence, software development and IT operations.

Working with us, passionate technologists have a chance to directly change the world. No kidding.

Business Intelligence Department

The business intelligence department is responsible for aggregating data from all of our various technology platforms (both custom and off the shelf) and ensuring those data are highly available, consistent, and ready for analysis. The department also partners with statisticians and analysts our’s other departments to produce actionable and sustainable insights at scale.

About the Role

NewGlobe has been data-driven from its inception, using a build-measure-learn approach to all aspects of service delivery. As a scale model business, we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring statistical power to all aspects of an educational operation, from the academics team using randomised controlled trials to validate the best teaching methods to the schools team understanding which factors contribute to teacher turnover to operational teams striving to improve our service delivery efficiency.

However, we have reached an inflection point where we need to take our data game to the next level. Instead of just providing data to our various departments, we need to start bringing to bear more sophisticated techniques to unlock the potential of our significant data sets. While we collect tens of thousands of data points every term from each of our academies – from the time spent on each page of a lesson to the billing and payment history of every pupil – we are yet to fully realise the potential energy of these data sets. To realise that potential, we need to ensure that the results we’re surfacing are airtight.

We’re in the process of building our Business Intelligence team in Lagos, Nigeria, alongside our other tech teams. The QA Engineer, Business Intelligence role will contribute to the front end of that transformation, ensuring our data aggregation processes are robust, scalable, and ready for whatever we dream up next.

What You Will Do

  • Collaborate with team members and business stakeholders to define acceptance criteria for business intelligence projects, including participation in the design and estimation of new software to ensure that testing is not an afterthought
  • Create and execute testing plans that include an appropriate combination of manual and automated testing, carefully reporting issues using structured tools and standards
  • Go deep on data analysis, ensuring that we’re not satisfied with just ticking the box on the “happy path” defined by developers, but also that unexpected or irregular cases are probed and resolved - to go further than just what is articulated to what is desired (by the business)
  • Evangelise a culture of automation and repeatability across business intelligence projects, especially when it comes to testing ETL processes (e.g. data setup, asserting on loading results) and reports (asserting on results); but also generally for the way BI software is deployed
  • Participate in the design, rollout, and use of monitoring tools in order to identify and resolve issues and ensure continuous integration of data into warehouses
  • Contribute to the effective data governance of business data, including data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of business data
  • Provide technical support to diagnose issues raised related to Business Intelligence
  • Carry out regression testing when changes are made to fix defects

What You Should Have

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related degree, with strong academic performance
  • At least 4 years of hands on experience in BI testing (ETL, reporting)
  • Passion for the power of Business Intelligence to impact core business operations
  • A quick mind, a willingness to learn, and a deep-seated curiosity
  • Familiarity with Microsoft technologies, especially Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, SSIS, and SSRS (current systems); but also interested in learning, along with the team as our data grows exponentially, about Big Data solutions (a few example of technologies we will be using: BigQuery, AirByte, DataFlow, ApacheBEAM, DBT)
  • Functional understanding of data warehouse design and dimension modeling (star schemas, snowflakes, etc)
  • Working knowledge of ETL processes
  • Familiarity with version control; exposure to continuous delivery and automated testing a plus
  • Experience or interest in results-driven, lean/agile environments
  • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a fast paced and demanding environment
  • Good communication skills

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to make a difference for children every day at a proven, internationally recognized, mission-driven company.
  • Flexible hybrid working arrangement.
  • Take the lead and help us grow our engineering team
  • The opportunity to work on challenging and innovative projects

Values of Successful Employees at NewGlobe

We are looking for new joiners who are energized by our mission and share our values.

Detailed doers, creative problem-solvers, relentless advocates, malleable learners, data-driven decision-makers and curious investigators do well at NewGlobe. Learn more about our values and how to succeed as a job-seeker at NewGlobe on our LinkedIn page.

What to Expect from the Interview Process

We have a rigorous, merit based hiring process. The process is designed to simulate the essential parts of the job and introduce you to your role in the business should you join our team. Apply via our website.

We will never ask for payment as part of the interview process and we are committed to a fair process free of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, citizenship or disability.