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Specialization Learning Coach

African Leadership University

African Leadership University

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2022


ALU provides higher education for a higher purpose. Our students declare missions, not majors.

They develop the real-world skills to take on the world’s most pressing challenges. And they take ownership of their learning from day one through our peer and student-led approach – because ALU believes in the power and agency of young people to start shaping the future right now.

Together with a world-class faculty and staff, our students are igniting a ripple of positive impact across Africa and the world.

Our mission is not going unnoticed. CNN described ALU — which has campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda — as “The Harvard of Africa;” Fast Company ranked ALU one of the 50 most innovative organizations in the world and the most innovative endeavor in Africa; and The New York Times recognized ALU as one of the eight places in the world “where history is being made.” Join us.


As a high-growth start-up, the ALU Team works in starkly different ways to traditional academic bureaucracies. We approach education from first principles, empower individuals to design, test, and implement creative new ideas, and work closely together to craft transformative learning experiences. We are deeply passionate about our students and excited by the challenge of building something entirely new.


The BEL team is part of the ALU’s Educate vertical. It works collaboratively with other teams to effectively deliver the 3-year program that is designed to create a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders for the continent. The BEL has been carefully developed to equip graduates with the skills and attributes needed to adapt to a dynamic world and address the variety of complex and interrelated challenges that society is currently facing. In this interdisciplinary degree, students curate personalised learning journeys by identifying a challenge or opportunity they would like to address, acquiring a rigorous understanding of that particular area, and developing skills to create innovative and contextualised solutions.

This type of education aims to produce entrepreneurial problem-solvers who will not only be highly employable but also better equipped to create their own jobs. Invest in a degree that prepares you for the future, no matter where it leads.


The African Leadership University is currently hiring two Specialization Learning Coaches to support student-driven learning by utilizing its new learning model where students' learning is self-directed and contextualized around a student’s mission. The Learning Specialization Coach will work in a team and independently to deliver lessons and accompany students in their learning journey while contributing to the program improvement. He/She will:

  • Facilitate degree course lessons with students virtually or in- person.
  • Contribute to the content and/ or development of trimester degree courses in the Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership degree programme.
  • Provide academic support to students throughout their specialization learning journey,
  • maintaining and updating concept maps, resources, assessment rubrics.
  • Contribute to updated definitive documentation for the specialization modules in documents, such as the Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership handbooks.
  • Contribute to the development of student orientation and induction for the specialization.
  • modules for each new intake and support in any redesign by providing feedback and implementing changes approved by the line manager.
  • Engage in the specialization induction and re-induction of coaches, respectively, as well as other professional development activities.
  • Support students in the creation, review and validation of learning contracts.
  • Engage with all developmental and performance management processes for learning coaches.
  • Contribute to the annual programme review to ensure content is up-to-date, valid, relevant and reflects current and future trends in the 14 Grand Challenges and Great Opportunities (GCGO) {Urbanization, Education, Healthcare, Climate Change, Governance, Job creation, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Wildlife Conservation, Regional Integration, Tourism, Women Empowerment and Arts, Culture & Design}, whilst giving consideration to pedagogical approaches suited for online learning.
  • Conduct regular student-staff consultative group meetings to capture student feedback and to implement recommendations to enhance the quality of programme delivery.
  • Regularly review the Learning Management System analytical reports to identify students who may require intervention from coaches throughout the specialization learning journey.
  • Implement modifications to learning materials, assessments and other relevant components meet internal and external quality assurance requirements.
  • Implement modifications to the specializations academic components following the findings of the annual programme review, periodic review, student-staff consultative groups, student evaluations and other quality assurance & enhancement instruments.
  • Contribute to decision making as a member of the assessment board.
  • Other relevant activities to ensure successful delivery of the programme that may be allocated from time to time by the line manager.



  • Master’s degree (be ready to have a Rwandan Equivalence if the qualification is not from a Rwandan institution) in relevant fields.
    ● At least two years of work experience closely related to one of the following areas:
    ○Policy and Advocacy (eg. Governance, Political science, International relations, Non-profits and grassroots leadership, Diplomacy, Public Policy)
    ○Planetary Health (eg. Conservation, Natural resources management, Healthcare, Food systems and Agriculture, Circular Economy)
    ○Business, Investment and Strategy (eg. International Business, International Trade, Economics/Finance/Accounting/Statistics, Political Economy, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, International Development )

● Excellent coaching skills.
● Experience in education - crafting learning outcomes and assessments
● Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal and presentation skills
● Mastery of English as primary learning language at ALU
● Excellent problem-solving skills with attention to detail.
● The ability to quickly analyse data and determine the appropriate academic support intervention required by the student or to redirect to other teams.
● Excellent time management skills with the ability to multitask, prioritise own work, and work independently.
● A startup mindset to help us scale the programme to the order of thousands of students in the next 12 months.


  • Strong regional and international network with for example NGOs, Startup Incubators and accelerators, etc.
  • Experience of online teaching and learning delivery at challenger universities.