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Head of Year 2

African Leadership Academy

African Leadership Academy

Chicago, IL, USA
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023

Head of Year 2

Since 2008, the African Leadership Academy has sought to identify, develop and connect the most promising young leaders on the African continent. Our learning community serves 260 young leaders, aged 16-19, who spend 2 years at the academy engaging with the knowledge, skills, habits and culture that will accelerate their trajectories of ethical and effective leadership. ALA is a learning community committed to leadership development through authentic practice, academic rigour and intentional community. ALA also seeks to become a learning organization, deliberately configured for continuous improvement.

Position Overview

The Head of Year 2 plays a critical role in coordinating and marshalling support functions to enable the success of each student in their year group. In partnership with the Deputy Dean, Head of Year 1 and Head of Residential Life and Student Life, this individual collects student data, analyses for troublespots, designs and implements support interventions, and monitors outcomes. Furthermore, the Head of Year 2 leads the design and coordination of various Student Life programs, such as Year 2 Orientation.

The Head of Year 2 reports to the Deputy Dean and shares ownership of the Student Support program. The Head of Year 2 is also a member of the teaching faculty, retaining a reduced teaching load.

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Core Student Support Work:

Student Support Coordination

The Head of Year 2 will manage the support structures for the Year 2 class, coordinating between students, parents, advisors, faculty, Wellness, Residential Life, and the Student Success Team to ensure each student has the support she or he needs to thrive.

Academic Advising

The Head of Year 2 will manage the subject selection process for rising Year 2 students, supporting students to choose subjects that are aligned with their interests, academic potential, university options and post-ALA plans.

Manage Strategy for Data Projects

As student data is crucial for the work of student support, the Head of Year 2 will manage the strategy for collecting, analysing and reporting on relevant student data for the Year 2 cohort. The Head of Year 2 will receive technical support from the Deans Office Chief of Staff and does not need to be an edtech specialist.

Manage Student Support and University Guidance Relationship

The Head of Year 2 will manage the relationship between the Student Success Team and the University Guidance team, ensuring both groups exchange information and collaborate effectively to enable shared goals.

The Head of Year 2 will keep track of students who have chosen to engage in a gap year, making certain that they have clear post-ALA plans.

Manage Other Projects, as determined by the Deputy Dean

From time to time, additional projects related to the well-being of the student body arise and require Head of Year 2 leadership. In the past, this has included redesigning the academic calendar and timetable, creating a structured study program for Year 2s during exam season, and improving the Pastoral Care budgeting tool.

2. Student Support-Related Programs and Activities:

Consulting on a variety of Year 2-Related Projects

As the faculty member with the most knowledge about the Year 2 class, the Head of Year 2 will be asked to consult on a number of projects outside the Student Success team. In the past, this has consisted of consulting with the Wellness team to devise and roll out holistic student support plans, improving the data management systems of the University Guidance department, and revising the Student Handbook.

Design and Manage Year 2 Orientation and Jivani (End-of-Year Celebration)

The Head of Year 2 will manage the Year 2 Orientation, ensuring that the Year 2 class starts the year with the skills, knowledge, and mindsets required to have a successful year.

Each year, the Year 2 class ends the year with an end-of-year celebration to strengthen their bonds before graduation. The Head of Year 2 (in collaboration with student leaders) designs and manages this event.

Designing the Advisory Programme and Leading an Advisory Family

The Head of Year 2 designs and leads the advisory programme.

The Head of Year 2 will lead one advisory family each year.

3. Faculty Responsibilities:

Teaching One Set

The Head of Year 2 will teach one class per term.

Skills and Profile of an Ideal Candidate:

  • Passion for the African continent, its people, and its future.
  • 5+ years of in-class teaching experience. Mastery of relevant content area and age-appropriate pedagogical techniques.
  • Strong coaching and mentorship skills.
  • Outstanding ability to manage complex projects.
  • Enthusiasm for generating actionable insights from data.
  • Experience working with high volumes on strict timelines.
  • Communicates effectively to different audiences verbally and in writing.
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and Box.
  • English fluency is required; a second regional language (e.g., isiZulu, French, Yoruba, Wolof and Swahili) a plus.

Location: ALA Campus, Johannesburg, South Africa
Direct Supervisor: Deputy Dean of the Academy
Start Date: January 2024